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Because the process of gathering information on international editions is so very different from that of other Hardy Boys information, I thought a seperate page of thanks would be in order. These people have all helped me to obtain my ultimate goal - that of which you see here.
First, to Sal, who taught me how to fish instead of catching me one.
Second, to Nancy, for doing her own brand of research.
Third, to Kimber Wimmers, for populating my shelves with Dutch editions, sending me information, and being a sounding board.
Fourth to Lea S. Fox, midnight mailer and compadre. And for the huge box of British books.
And to the following:
Chiyouhei Oka for working with a "foreigner" and sending me all ten Japanese Hardys.
Infantino Salvatore, who sold me French editions.
Jadwiga Persson for her continued help with the Swedish books.
John Axe, nice man, model collector, and informer.
Julie Saunders for helping complete my British Be a Detective collection.
Kellert Oy for sending me my first Finnish books.
Vinita, Malaysian contact
Brocmalle, another French bookseller.
Paola Campognini for the Italian Hardys.
Robert Pearlmann of S&S for letting me know there really were Hebrew and Malaysian editions.
Richie Wilkerson for the cheap Icelandic DJ and the Danish PC.
Rodd Friday for scanning his Hong Kong bootleg and Dutch paperback.
Ásdís Helgadóttir for information on Icelandic editions.
Angelo Petruzzi for more Italian editions.
Dean Burcham for scanning the Hebrew edition and buying my extra Japanese.
Pavel Zabenský for digging around with Czech books.
Claudio Doyle for extreme cooperation, being able to speak English, and sending me my first and only Brazilian Hardy.
Cyris for his Turkish translations.
Wojtek for looking for Polish editions.
Henry Peck for his help translating Czech.
Eddie for the email of Skjaldborg Publishers.
Nicolas Venjean for selling me my first French book.
Per-Olof for selling me my first Swedish book.
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